Electric Motor Housing

Electric Motor Housing,Frame


Electric Motor Housing

What are the functions of our electric motor housing?

Accuracy tolerance

Because the internal elements will definitely release a major feature that converts electrical energy into mechanical rotational motion, as well as electromagnetic fields. As a result, movement and input power should be maintained very specifically, therefore, each position of the part needs to be positioned very possibly. The gap between blades, bearings, stators, air gaps, windings, and electric motor housing made between them should be as small as possible.

Regarding no leakage, we consider this requirement from two aspects. One aspect is about bubbles in the electric motor housing. In this case, it should be a strict requirement. On the other hand, the gap after assembly needs to be extremely small to prevent any lubricating oil from flowing out of the sealed cylindrical tube.


The main purpose of using a motor is to obtain a continuous and stable supply of mechanical motion. In order to keep the entire motor stable, portable real estate cannot be missed. Lightweight aluminum is the best choice in this market. For mass production with normal demand, die casting solutions are the most cost-effective. First-class, small-scale manufacturing, lightweight aluminum extrusion and CNC processing, can truly radiate the surface area and show the best way of high-end top quality.


When the motor is working, all the main components that generate power demand rotate upward, forcing the relevant supports of the components to continuously contact the interior of the real estate with mechanical power. Due to the long procedure, the touched face is conveniently worn. The electric motor housing surface is made of aluminum, very smooth, and the roughness is very small, electric motor housing can definitely reduce the conflict between the contact surfaces and prolong the service life.

How The Aluminum Electric Motor Covering Is Manufactured

Light Weight Aluminum Motor ShellDie Casting Process

The aluminum alloy is first examined, then a chemical structure analysis is executed using a spectrology device. Next, the alloy is thawed by heating it to a temperature of roughly 680ºC, and after that infused right into the mold and mildew in the die casting equipment. On cooling, the covering is removed as well as deburred using pneumatic devices. The shell is then fired blasted, machined and also hand worked to make certain a smooth and also finish with no burrs.

The shell is heated up by induction to expand the size and the windings are then decreased in; they are secured into location as the covering cools. Amtech makes certain that the inner size (6.286- 6.288) of the shell is purely based on specifications, since if the covering is oversized the motor will fail. We for that reason measure the size with respect to the four mounting holes of dimension 8.39 ~ 8.63.

Electric Motor Housing Applications

Water-cooled AC motors

Water-cooled DC Motors

Water-cooled Switched Reluctance Motors

Cleansing Process

Finally, the die cast motor covering is cleaned up by utilizing reducing representatives, acid and ultrasonic methods, and the piece is rinsed between each cleansing cycle. The electrical motor housing unit is then dried in an oven, as well as after a last assessment by the Quality assurance Division, is packed as well as sent to the consumer.


Electric Motor Housing,  Resin sand casting, Ductile cast iron






Electric Motor/New energy vehicles or buses/ DC motors/AC motors


Electric Motor Housing,extrusion induction motor, AC motor, resin sand casting, Aluminium die casting

Place of Origin:Hebei, China

Brand Name:OEM

Process:Resin sand casting +Machining

Heat Treatment:No

Machining :CNC vertical lathe+Drilling Machine


1. Incoming material inspection 2.Charge mixture 3.Moulding 4.Melting&Pouring 5.Shot blasting&grinding 6.Painting 7.Visual test 8.Machining 9.Process inspection 10.Cleaning 11.Leakage test 12.FQC 13.Packing&stocking 14.Pre-shipment inspection 15.Delivery



+/-0.05mm( or according to the customers drawing indicated)



Seaworthy Wooden Cases




MT/UT/RT/100% Visual+100%gauge/CMM








Supply Ability:

1000 Ton/Tons per Month






Provide by customer, or design according as the sample,in the format of Pro/E, Auto-CAD, SOLIDWORK, CAXA, UG, CAD, CAM, CAE, STP, IGES, etc.


Mould :

Design and produced by ourselves according to provided drawings




1. How can I get the quotation? 

Please send us your drawing together with the weight,material and quantity requireed.


2. If we don't have the drawing,can you make drawing for me? 

Yes, we can scan your sample and make the drawing for your confirmation. 


3. What kind of file format you can read?

PDF, IGS, DWG, STEP, etc. 


4. How small and how big you can cast?



5. What is the MOQ? 



6. What is the sample and order lead time? 

Sample time: 6-8 weeks including tooling construction. Order time: 4-6 weeks after sample approval, it can be flexible due to complexity or quantity.


7. What is your payment terms? 

L/C,D/P, T/T are accepted.

Tooling:100% in advance, Order:50% deposit, 50% before shipment.


8. What kind of patterns do you always construct and use? 

We always cast make and cast with aluminum patterns.