Impeller Vs Propeller

Jun. 09, 2021

Impeller Vs Propeller

Both the impeller and the propeller are essential to the operation of the vessel. However, their purpose and function are very different.

A propeller is a fan that pushes it by pushing fluid: it converts rotational motion into linear motion. The impeller is the rotor that produces suction and is a part of the pump. When it sucks in fluid, the propeller is always open and the impeller is always closed. Let's take a closer look at the impeller and propeller to identify similarities and differences.

What are they?


The impeller of a ship is a series of rubber blades shaped around a hub. The hub rotates the flexible blades on an eccentric of the stainless steel lining in the pump casing. An impeller pumps cold water into the ship’s engine, keeping it cool while the engine is running. The marine engine is equipped with an impeller in the water pump. The water pump pumps water from outside the ship through a piping system.

The impeller has an inlet that allows water to enter and blades that push the fluid forward. As a rotating part of a centrifugal pump, the impeller accelerates the flow of fluid outward from the center of rotation. This action transfers energy from the pump motor to the water being pumped. The sudden flow of water creates pressure in the pump casing and causes outward movement.


The propeller of a ship is a fan that generates power by converting rotational motion into thrust. A propeller is usually composed of three to four rotating blades, which rotate around an axis to create the necessary power for forwarding movement. When the blades rotate, they accelerate the water pressure behind the blades, causing the boat to move in the water.

The blades extend outward from the pillar hub at an angle. This allows water to pass through the pillars from front to back instead of pushing water from side to side. The more blades attached to the propeller, the greater the power generated by the propeller. More blades also reduce drag, simply because the propeller is in the water. The props designed by the manufacturer are closer to the surface of the water, providing additional bite and stability at higher speeds.

How are impellers and propellers similar?

There are several ways, impellers and propellers are similar.

Both use water to generate energy (pressure or propulsion).

Both use rotation to move the water.

Both rely on motors to operate.

Both require constant care to maintain optimal performance.

Both require lubrication to prevent rapid wear of all components.

Of course, both propellers and propellers are necessary for the operation of the ship. Without the impeller, the engine cannot remain cool. Without a propeller, the boat can't move.

What is the difference between an impeller and a propeller?

The main difference between impeller and propeller is their function or purpose. The impeller is the main component of the ship's cooling system. It supplies water to the engine and keeps it at the best operating temperature. The propeller is the main part of the ship's movement. When the blades rotate, the boat accelerates to the required speed.

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