Do You Know Impeller?

May. 27, 2021

Do You Know Impeller?

The concept of OEM impeller

The impeller refers to a wheel disc with moving blades, which is an integral part of the impulse steam turbine rotor and can also refer to the general name of the disc and the rotating blades installed on it.

The impeller is usually cast or welded, and the material is selected according to the working medium.

Main function

The impeller converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the static pressure energy and dynamic pressure energy of the working fluid.


According to the blade form, there are three types: open impeller closed impeller, and semi-open impeller.

The closed impeller is composed of front and rear cover plates and blades; the semi-open impeller is composed of blades and rear cover plates; the open impeller only has blades and part of the rear cover or no rear cover.

The semi-open and open impellers in the slurry pump impeller are easy to cast and can transport media containing certain solid particles. However, due to the wear of solid particles on the flow channel, the efficiency of the pump will be reduced.

The closed impeller has high operating efficiency and can run smoothly for a long time. The axial thrust of the pump is small, but the closed impeller is not easy to transport sewage media containing large particles or long fibers.

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