Common Problems And Treatment Methods Of Impeller

May. 20, 2021

Common Problems And Treatment Methods Of Impeller

One, cast iron impeller defects

1. Failure performance: flow channel inclusions; fleshy; not smooth; trachoma; cracks; shrinkage, etc.

2. Treatment method: According to the actual situation, grinding, repair welding, and other methods can be used. If the problem is serious, it needs to be scrapped and recast.

Two, wear

1. Failure performance: The picture shows the process of the pump impeller made of gray cast iron being worn by a small amount of cement foam water within 5 years. The wear problem is more caused by improper selection of materials by the designer or improper selection of pumps, or contamination of the process medium.

2. Treatment method: change the impeller material; change the design scheme, change the pump type; check the process medium.

Three, cavitation

1. Failure performance: improper design scheme; high installation position; improper material selection, etc.

2. Treatment method: lower the installation position; replace more anti-cavitation materials; redesign the pump type, etc.

Four, death surrounded by mouth

1. Failure performance: The design gap is too small; the hardness difference between the front and rear aperture rings is less than 50HBW; there are solid particles in the aperture ring gap; the aperture ring is deformed, etc.

2. Treatment method: increase the design gap; change the material of the mouth ring; check the process medium; replace the new mouth ring, etc.

Five, break

1. Failure performance: caused by cavitation, corrosion, abrasion; caused by poor casting quality; caused by water hammer.

2. Treatment method: replace the impeller with a new one.

Six, corrosion

1. Failure performance: improper material selection.

2. Treatment method: replace the impeller with corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials; coating the impeller with an anti-corrosion layer; spraying the impeller with the anti-corrosion layer.

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