Signs Of Wore Out Impeller

Apr. 20, 2021

Signs Of Wore Out Impeller

Avoid damage to the engine due to poor impeller.

Is your impeller like this?

An important part of the work of a centrifugal pump is its impeller. Without the impeller, the incoming liquid will not generate centrifugal force. Therefore, without the impeller, the centrifugal pump cannot work. Therefore, it is necessary to properly maintain the impeller of the pump to prevent the pump from stopping and ensure the maximum length of the pump's continuous operation. The three most common causes of impeller failure are cavitation, erosion, and corrosion.

What is the role of the impeller?

The impeller pumps cold water into your boat's engine, cooling it while in use. If you have a bad impeller, it will cause big problems.

How is the impeller damaged?

The impeller of your boat is a series of rubber vanes formed around a hub. The tips of these flexible vanes may be due to simple use or if the boat is worn out in sandy water for many reasons. Frosted materials will wear out the impeller faster.

The impeller can also wear out, become stiff and brittle due to the motor sitting idle for several seasons or being exposed to heat. Water lubricates the impeller. If it dries up, the impeller will be damaged in a few seconds.

What if the impeller fails?

If the impeller fails, the water pump cannot pump cooling water to the engine, causing the engine to overheat. If you find that your impeller has a problem early on, you may avoid major problems. However, if you are not lucky enough to run into a bad impeller, the result may be catastrophic for your engine.

What if your impeller is broken?

The general rule is to have your impeller replaced every year.

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