Can The Gas Ball Valve Be Half-Opened To Save Gas?

Aug. 26, 2021

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The half-open valve not only can not save gas, but also has potential safety hazards due to changes in gas flow and pressure, and accidents are extremely likely to occur. In the process of home maintenance and inspection of the gas company, it was found that many residents have the habit of opening the gas ball valve at home only halfway. The reason is that people think that if you open it smaller, you can save some gas. Responsibly tell you that half-open valves really cannot save gas. Next, we will discuss this issue.

The working principle of the ball valve

The ball valve, as the name implies, is that the valve core is in the shape of a sphere. The gas flows through the hole in the middle of the ball, and the opening and closing state of the ball valve is generally controlled by the handle. But the ball valve can only be used to open and close, and can not save the amount of gas.

Why can't you save gas?

According to the law of conservation of energy, the heat required for every gram of water raised by one degree Celsius is the same and constant, that is, under the same gas and environmental conditions, to boil the same pot of water, the total heat of gas required is the same of. Therefore, when the flame of the gas stove is turned off, the burning time of the pot of water will be correspondingly longer, which means that there is no saving in gas consumption.

The hazards of a half-open ball valve

If the valve handle is artificially adjusted to the half-open and half-closed state, in addition to fluctuating the gas flow passing through the ball valve, the long-term impact, and scouring of the sealing surface of the ball valve by the natural gas flow will easily cause the sealing surface to be damaged and lead to internal leakage of the ball valve.

The ball in the half-open state will hold back the pressure and cause the valve seat to deform, and the torque will increase, which will damage the diameter of the ball valve and cause the seal to be loose or even lock.

In summary, half-opening of the valve cannot save gas. There are also potential safety hazards and accidents are extremely prone to occur. As an OEM valve parts supplier in China, Zen Young has rich experience in casting processing and high-quality service. We have found that there are many cases where air leakage is caused by this. Therefore, remind users to pay attention to safety. In addition, if you need our products, please feel free to contact us.