5 Ways To Repair Impeller Damage In Centrifugal Pumps

Oct. 12, 2021


Do you want to know how to repair impeller damage? Read on for more information.


Quick Steel Repair

It is suitable for filling and repairing the pores, cracks, and sand holes in steel, iron, and other metal materials, and has a strong bonding effect. Before repairing, the area around the proposed repair is cleaned of floating rust, dirt, etc., and roughened. Take out the colloid in the quick steel plastic pipe, the inner core of the colloid, and the outer skin of the two different colors of the material with the hand quickly and fully kneaded into a color (about 1 ~ 2min), to reach the fever soft as good (public: pump pipe home). In the quick into the steel gel to solidify before, force the sticky firm to repair place, and with the gel curing process force (hand or tool) many times to compact, enhance the adhesion of glue and blade. After the quick steel hardening, use a file to file flat.


Gas welding repair method

Put the impeller on the charcoal fire heated to 400-500 ℃, in the patch welding place hanging tin, and then use oxygen an acetylene flame to melt the brass wire to the need to repair the groove or hole, welding removes the charcoal fire, covered with asbestos board insulation, let the blade slowly cool, so as not to produce cracks. After welding repair with a file according to the original contour line for processing and trimming.


Cladding repair method

Before overlay welding, use the sander to polish the cavitation part, clean up the surface rust, debris, until revealing the bright metal body, in order to make the overlay layer and blade combined more firmly. After cleaning, the impeller is put into the charcoal fire for preheating. Use and blade material the same welding rod or stainless steel welding rod, to not peel, not broken, keep dry, remove moisture, so as to avoid pores in the overlay welding. Surfacing, to take round-trip welding, can also be taken in layers of cross pressure welding, each time the amount of surfacing to be less, to prevent the blade from heat concentration, produce stress deformation. After the repair welding, use the grinding machine to trim the blade. After the repair of the impeller, must be a static balance test. In order to avoid the impeller high-speed rotation, due to the additional weight of the imbalance and centrifugal force to make the pump vibration.


Epoxy resin repair method

According to the matching ratio, in order to take the appropriate amount of epoxy resin, ethylenediamine, dibutyl phthalate, acetone in a glassware mix, mix well. When mixing, pay attention to the viscosity of the adhesive and add the amount of acetone in the appropriate quantity. The prepared epoxy resin should be used up within 20-30 minutes. Dip a wool brush into the epoxy resin and brush the surface of the blade at the sand hole and air hole, use a sharp cone to gently squeeze out the air bubbles in the middle of the sand hole and air hole when brushing, try to coat evenly and solidly, at the same time use a scraper to gently scrape and compact. After the epoxy resin has been cured for 1-2h, brush coat again 2-3 times. When painting the last time, make sure that the surface of the blade is smooth and smooth. After painting, the impeller is placed under 20-30°C and low relative humidity and slowly maintained for 48h. After the epoxy resin is completely cured, use a file or grinder to trim the impeller contour line and the projection on the surface layer.


Copper wire repair method

For pinhole cavitation, as long as the hole is not connected into a piece, use purple copper wire to hit the pinhole and file it with a file.

Before processing, we should first use the grinding machine to clear the blade surface rust, dirt, and then use oxygen and acetylene flame to blow out the gas hole debris, and then to the hole filled with the appropriate thickness of purple copper wire, at the same time with pointed hand hammer knocking, the purple copper wire extrusion, squeeze solid to the hole, and finally use the file to file flat.


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